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Repair work!  Everytime it rained this basement would be wet!
A previous contractor didn't water proof properly!
A closer look at the footing drains and you can see several problems!

1. Not pitched properly.
2. Fittings weren't glued and 
    had come apart.
3. No fabric to prevent siltation.
Don't let your contractor do this to you!
               We are fully Insured carrying General Liability and Workers Compensation
     Backfilling the foundation
            Complete site work
           New construction and repairs
We are an excavating company located in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, Hampshire County, MA,  Pioneer Valley, Western Mass, performing complete, site work;

Excavation; excavating, cellar holes, concrete, Foundations, drainage, ditches, swales, grading, land clearing, pastures

Driveways and Road Construction; gravel construction to blacktop paving,   ,

Septic Systems, new installation,  repairs, Title 5, Perc Tests, Massachusetts Environmental Code Title V

Sewer connections; Sewer hook ups & Sewer tie ins

Landscaping, Hardscape construction; Stonework, Goshen Stone, seed, loam, fertilizer, mulch, bark mulch, chips, compost   

Tree work, Cord wood, Firewood, chips

Site development,   electric, contractor, commercial, homeowner, trade, repairs, wet basement,

Underground, utilities, Trenching, tanks, oil tanks, tank removal, water line, electric, drainage, ditches, swales, grading, land clearing,  


We are Local, Serving Hampshire, Franklin, Hamden and Berkshire Counties, MA

Northampton, Easthampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Florence, Leeds, Hatfield, Chesterfield, Goshen, Ashfield, Plainfield, Conway, Whately, Worthington, Huntington, Cummington, and the surrounding communities.

We are fully insured carrying Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance.
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 Brewmasters Tavern
Storm water management & Paving
LaFogg &Hathaway 
Construction, Inc.
29 Nash Hill Road
Williamsburg, MA 01096